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Where does Trixie live?
What river lies nearby?
What is the name of the Belden's property?
What is the Belden's dog's name?
Where does Mr Belden work?
What is the name of the club formed by the main characters?
How many members are in this club?
Where do Trixie and her friends go to school?
Where is a popular place for the young people to eat?
What is the name of the movie theatre?
What is the name of the town mascot? (It sits on top of the Town Hall)
What is the shape of Mr Maypenny's piece of land in the midst of the Wheeler game preserve?
How many books are there in the series?
What are the names of the horses in the Wheeler stables? (In alphabetical order)
What is Honey's cousin's name?
What is Honey's full name?
Who is Jim named after?
What is the name of the youngest Belden?
What is the name of the children's favourite policeman?
What is the name of their not-so-favourite policeman?

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