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Can you name the Anne Of Green Gables (Series) Characters?

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The protaganist
The first 'kindred spirit'
Anne's gruff guardian
The local gossip
Shy, kind gentleman
The husband of the local gossip
'The hero'
Plain school chum of Anne
School nemesis of Anne
Golden haired school chum
Little sister of Diana
One of Anne's many 'dubious suitors'
He marries Diana
Gilbert's father
Anne's college nemesis
Anne's college beau
The dear, old, Four Winds lighthouse keeper
The man hating, Methodist loathing good-natured member of 'The Race that knows Joseph'
Anne's beloved school teacher
Anne's not-so-loved school teacher
The Blythe's housekeeper
The love of the school master
Diana's Aunt
The minister's wife
The male twin Marilla adopts
The female twin Marilla adopts
Anne's favourite pupil
The sweet lady who lives at Echo lodge
The gruff neighbour of Green Gables
The 'beautiful girl with the geese'
An author who visits The House o' Dreams
Queens and Redman roommate of Anne
Queens and Redman roommate of Anne
The aunt of the above
Redman roommate of Anne
Eldest son of Anne and Gilbert
Anne and Gilbert's poet son
The redheaded Blythe twin
The brunette Blythe twin
Anne and Gilbert's youngest son
Anne and Gilbert's youngest daughter
The daughter of Leslie and Owen
The son of Leslie and Owen
The Blythe's 'famous' pet dog
The orphan Miss Cornelia adopts
The eldest daughter of The Glen minister
The eldest son of The Glen minister
The middle son of The Glen minister
The youngest daughter of The Glen minister
The youngest son of The Glen minister
The Glen Minister
John Meredith's sister-in-law
The Glen Minister's new wife
Notoriously tempered husband of Ellen West

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