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Who did Andy Sugden sleep with after Katie's death
Who did Vanessa sleep with after breaking up with Kirin
What was Chas suffering with after witnessing the shooting
Who died in the church hall on the day of Debbie and Petes wedding
Chrissie's son is called
Cains son is called
Which Barton lad tried too kiss Moira
What did Vanessa call her baby
Who died in the house of mirrors
Who survived in the house of mirrors
Where does Lisa work
How many children does Jimmy have
Who did Robert have an affair with
Who is paddy having an affair with
At the vets , who is the receptionist
Who works alongside Tracey at the B&B
How many children does Cain have
What did Debbie name charity's son she had in prison
Who did Bernice marry
Who came back too take over the Sharma business
What is Aaron's father called
Who shot robert
Who did zak leave lisa for
Who is now the head of the dingles
What is Diane trying too sell
What business do aaron and adam own
Who is the mother of amba
What drug was Jai addicted too
Whose cordial are belle and Kirin trying to sell
Rachel use too attack who

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