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Can you name the Pretty Little Liars Characters?

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Dated her teacher
Is best friends with 'A'
Kissed her sister's boyfriend
Her father is in the army
She was killed
First known 'A'
His stepsister was blind
Currently dating Noel
His family owns a cabin in the woods
He's in yearbook
Emily's current girlfriend
Ali's older brother
Faked her pregnancy
Met his girlfriend at a bar
Was married to Melissa
His lawyer is Veronica Hastings
Professor at Hollis college
Left her husband
Plays lacrosse, related to the above character
Childhood friend of Aria's
Had an affair with Aria's father
Ezra's little brother
Mother of Ezra's child
Biological father of Jason
Married to the character above
Works at the mental institution Mona is in
Spencer's boyfriend from the country club
Was dressed as a nurse in the Halloween episode
Hanna's father
Currently married to above
Framed Hanna with a naked photo scandal
Hanna's grandmother
Homecoming King with Hanna as his Queen
Shot by Nate/Lyndon
Detective investigating Ali's murder
Emily's mother
Married to the above
Tried to rape Emily but was stopped by Toby
Emily's first girlfriend
President of her local private school's GSA
He killed Maya
Never forgave Hanna for giving his wife 'false hope' about Ali
Put on a fashion show in memory of her daughter
He took Ali flying many times
Ali's friend and Jason's ex-girlfriend
Police officer involved in many of the police encounters the PLL girls face
Therapist all the girls were forced to see

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