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This breed's name means 'Monkey-Terrier' in German
This breed was developed in Afghanistan
Theodore Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge, and Warren Harding all owned one of this breed
This breed first arrived when Helen Keller brought one over in 1937
This breed is the largest and oldest of the Arctic sled dogs
This breed is the AKC's 171st breed
This breed was originally used in the circus
George Washington is considered the 'father' to this breed
This breed was originally called the 'Bull-and-Terrier Dog'
This breed was recognized by the AKC in 1940
This breed originated in Turkey over 6,000 years ago
Stubborn cows don't discourage this breed
This breed was once called the 'Pastor-Dog'
This breed was first to be recognized native to Australia
This breed is known as the 'barkless dog'
You really can tie this breed's ears in a knot and a bow
Snoopy is one of this breed
This breed is often called a 'Beardie'
This breed is closely related to the Briard
This breed was originally called the 'gypsy dog'
This breed is a popular military and police dog
This breed was used heavily in WW1
This breed is excellent for therapy and guide dog work
This breed is a variety of the Swiss Mountain Dog
This breed is a descendant of the Water Spaniel
This breed was orignially bred and introduced by the Soviet Union
This breed is used to trail and tree raccoons
Evidence trailed by this breed has been accepted in a court of law
This breed is named for its coat- which is dark blue with a 'ticking' pattern
This breed is known affectionately as the 'workaholic' of the dog world
This breed has been bred by the Russian aristocracy for hundreds of years
This breed developed in Boston, Massachusetts as a fighting dog
This breed originated in Belgium
This breed is ranked 7th most popular breed in the US
This breed is the official state dog of South Carolina
This breed is depicted in French tapestries as early as the 8th century
This breed is named after the French province in which it orginated
One of this breed was featured in 1997's hit, 'As Good As It Gets', starring Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt
This breed is used in many Target ads
This breed is ranked 6th most popular breed in the US
This breed's coat may be red, fawn, or brindle
This breed is best known as 'Toto' from the Wizard of Oz
This breed is a native of Israel, dates back to Biblical times, originating in the Land of Canaan
This breed's name derives from the Latin 'Cohors' which means 'Guardian' and 'Protector.'
This breed is the older of the two Corgi breeds
This breed is Charlotte York's dog on 'Sex and the City'
This breed originated in the Czech Republic
This breed is the official state dog of Maryland
This breed is 'Bruiser' in Legally Blonde, also Marbles owned by Jenna Marbles
This breed comes in two variations- the Hairless and the Powderpuff
This breed's name means 'sandy coat'
This breed has a blue/black tongue
This breed is one of the original nine breeds registered by the AKC
Rutherford B. Hayes had one of this breed named 'Dot'
Lassie was one of this breed
This breed is one of the oldest retriever breeds
This breed's name means 'Badger Dog' in German
The only spotted breed; Known as the 'Firehouse Dog'
This breed was made famous when Sir Walter Scott wrote about them in Guy Mannering in 1814
This breed originated in Germany around 1900
This breed was featured as 'Hooch' in the 1989 Tom Hanks' film, 'Turner and Hooch'
This breed is recognized as separate from the American Cocker Spaniel in 1946
The first AKC registered of this breed was named 'Auditor'
This breed was bred in England over 400 years ago
This breed was accepted as a distinct breed in 1902
This breed's coat varieties include: Blenheim, Ruby, Prince Charles, and King Charles
This breed is the smallest of the four tri-color Swiss Mountain Dogs
One of the rarest Spaniel breeds, this breed almost went extinct
This breed makes popular pets in Scandinavia
This breed resembles a red fox
This breed is part of the Labrador family
This breed is bred to be a companion, or 'lap dog'
This breed is prized for their vermin hunting ability
This breed is hailed as the world's leading police, guard, and military dog
This breed is thought to have originated from the German Bird Dog
Germans created this breed as one who could 'do it all'
This breed became one of the breeds used for police training in Germany during WW1
The only terrier breed of Ireland not defined by a single color.
This breed is the 4th most popular breed of dog in the US
This breed is the heaviest of the three setter breeds
This breed is sometimes referred to as the 'King of Dogs'
This breed is named after the mountain range in southwestern Europe
This breed is nicknamed 'Swissy'
This breed is the smaller version of the English Foxhound
This breed is the National Dog of Cuba and the country's only native breed
This breed has been depicted in Egyptian hieroglyphs
So loved in Iceland, this breed has been portrayed on this country's postage stamps
Despite its name, this breed is not just color variation of the Irish Setter
This breed's average size is 60 to 70 pounds and 25 to 27 inches at the shoulder
During WW1 this breed was used as a messenger and sentinel.
This breed is lovingly known as the 'Clown of the Spaniel family'
This breed is the tallest of all breeds
Jenna Marbles has one of this breed named Kermit
Asian aristocracies made it impossible to buy this breed in the early days. They were given as royal gifts
Especially popular in Holland in the late 1700's, this breed also became a symbol of the Dutch Patriot political party
This breed is born black but its coat fades to a more gray-blue color by 18 months
This breed's mop like coat help it to blend in with the sheep it herds
This breed's name comes from the Turkish word 'kawasz,' meaning 'armed guard of the nobility.'
This popular breed originates in Canada, with three coat variations: Yellow, Chocolate, and Black
This terrier was recognized by the AKC in 1934.
This breed originated in Leonberg, Germany.
This breed is very independent. Its goal in life is not necessarily to please its master
This breed's name means 'little lion' in German
This breed was once known as 'Ye ancient dogge of Malta,'
This breed, depending on the size, can be catergorized into either the Toy or the Terrier groups
This breed has been used as a watchdog in England for over 2000 years
This breed is exactly alike the Bull Terrier in every way, except size
This breed is known as the 'King of the Toys'
This breed is the most popular of the three Schnauzer breeds
This breed can be traced back to the dogs of the Roman Army
This breed has been used to pull nets for fishermen, they also originated in Newfoundland
This breed used to be considered the same breed as the Norwich Terrier
Ancient versions of this breed can be traced back as far as the Vikings in the year 900
This breed is bred to hunt elk, bears, and other various large game
This breed has six toes on each foot!
This breed is the prick eared version of the Norfolk Terrier
There is no authentic record of the development of this breed
This breed's thick coat provides insulation
This breed is unique among hounds because of his double-coat and webbed feet
This breed is distinct with its 'butterfly' ears
This breed was named after the respected huntsman Rev. John Russell and was formerly called the Jack Russell Terrier
This breed gets its named from the ancient city of Peking (now Beijing)
The direct ancestors of this breed were brought across the Channel in 1107 by Flemish weavers
This breed's name means a mouthful in French: small, low to the ground, rough or wire coated, and then the area in which it originated
This breed of dog 'blushes'. When happy or excited, their nose and ears turn a deep rose color.
This breed is the state dog of North Carolina
This breed seems to get its hunting instinct around two months of age
This breed's native name gets it the nickname of PON
Queen Victoria fell in love with one of this breed in 1888, increasing its popularity dramatically
This breed is seen as 'the beauty with no brains' but is actually quite intelligent
President Obama owns one of this breed named Bo
This breed is one of the oldest, flourishing before 400 B.C.
This breed is one of the few that have fur that clumps into 'cords'
This breed is nicknamed the 'Pyr Shep'
This breed is known for its flashy red coat
This breed was bred to hunt lions and is also known as the African Lion Hound
The parent club for this breed was founded in 1971
This breed was the royal dog of the Egyptians
This breed's genes are very close to those of the primitive dog. No wolf or fox genes run through this pup!
This breed is known for its mischievous expression and distinctive black coat
This breed resembles a larger, coated Greyhound
This is the only breed that has lived in the White House three times with Presidents Roosevelt, Eisenhower and George W. Bush
This breed was created to quarry badger, fox, and otter
This breed is essentially a miniature Collie
This breed is the smallest of the Japanese native breeds
This breed is the 11th most popular breed in the US
This breed served in the Army's Arctic Search and Rescue Unit during World War II
This breed is often confused with the Yorkie, but is really closer to the Australian Terrier
This rare breed is fiercely loyal to those it knows and loves
This breed originated in the British Isles in the 17th century
This breed has been known in Ireland for over 200 years
This breed can also be called an Italian Pointer
This breed was originally used to locate freezing and helpless travelers during snowstorms
This breed originated when coal miners in Staffordshire, England wanted a small, fast dog
This breed's coat must be salt and pepper or black
This breed has a golden liver colored coat that is unique to the breed
This breed was known 1000 years ago as the 'Viking Dog'
This breed is highly independent and may not like organized activity such as obedience and agility
This breed is one of three native Tibetan breeds in the non-sporting group
This breed possesses large, flat round feet that produce a snowshoe effect and provide traction in the snow
This breed was developed in the 1930's
This raccoon hunting breed was recognized by the AKC in 2012
This breed's ancestors were hunters and companions for the Magyar hordes, a tribe that settled in what is now known as Hungary
This breed is often referred to as the 'Grey Ghost' because of its distinctive coat color
Contrary to popular belief, this breed is a distinct breed not a variation of the English Springer Spaniel
Caroline Kennedy had one of this breed named Charlie
You may know this breed as a 'Westie'
This breed is the fastest domesticated animal of their weight
This breed won the Best in Show title at the Purina National Dog Show in both 2011 and 2012
This breed has been called the '4 wheel drive' of hunting dogs
This breed's name is pronounced 'show-low-eats-queen-tlee'
Although this breed is in the Toy group, it is definitely a Terrier at heart

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