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mika muka questionsmika muka answers
whats mika mukas yacht called
what did mika muka eat on the second day
who did mika muka visit everyday
who saved mika muka from friends
what song reminds mika muka of cyprus
why did mika muka get 6 complaints
who chased muka
who wanted podgy finger time with sista donna
who was mika when running away from the security guard
what did mika muka look through in the room
what came out of the tap
what did mika muka do to the balcony
what game did mika muka play when sneaking onto the phones
what restaurant did mika muka go to
what noise on mikas phone did we like to piss the brats off with
what did mika muka rah poom to on the balcony
where did mika fall
where did mika muka hide charlie
what did sista donna keep making fun of
who did mika muka take a pic of on the plane
why did mika muka have to run in the airport going
where was the 2 bugs
mika muka questionsmika muka answers
where did mika muka visit everyday
who was the manager
where was the horrible smell on the way to the shop
who was the best waiter
who was evil
what did mika throw over shop lady
what was mikas cat called
what did mika muka write on the car
what did mika muka see too much of on sista donna
what did mika muka eat when starving
what was mika muka ill with
what chocolate did mika muka keep eating
what did mika muka steal
what did mika muka leave in the middle of the brats room
what was annoying across the road
what did mika stick on her phone
what did mika muka hide and then fallout over
what did brotha ste sing with his dik out
what country was the guy from who came to our door
what did the guy shout when mika muka threw water over the balcony
what did mika muka organize under the bench
what did sista donna shout to mika when she found mika muka had a keep to their room
mika muka questionsmika muka answers
what did mika muka do on the beach
what icecream flavour did mika muka love
what drink did mika muka constantly get
what song did mika muka dance to on the boat
what song did mika dance to on the boat
what song reminds mika muka mostly of the boat
what did mika shout to new arrivals
did mika muka go on massage chairs
what song did we listen to on the plane
what was mika mukas room number
what was sista donnas room number
who was mika mukas best friend
what did mika muka exercise on the bed
what did mika muka knock over on the walk
who do mika muka love
who do mika muka hate (hint hint shes fat)
where does podgy finga live
when do mika muka go back to cyprus
what does podgy finga have 3 of
how long will mika muka last for

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