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Can you name the memories from Mika Muka?

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who raped sista donna
what did mika muka put on sista donnas door
what did mika muka flood the room with
what was mika muka's boat called
what was mika's cat called
what did mika throw over the cat woman
what did mika muka steal from the shop
what saved mika muka from the scouts
where did mika muka go every day
who was mika muka's best friend
what did mika muka put on the balcony to fix it
HintsYa answer
who is istvan
who is mario
where did mika slip
what did the spanish boys say to mika muka
when are mika muka going back to cyprus
what noise did mika muka make on mika's iphone to piss them off
who was mika when she ran away from the security guard
what bug was on the wall
what song reminds mika muka of cyprus
who do mika muka love

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Tags:memory, mika

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