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Non=BDZ Hypnotics
GLP-1 incretin analog that is also DPP-4 resistant
Parkinson's drug that inhibits COMT
Substance P receptor blocker and Neurokinin-1 receptor blocker in the chemoreceptor trigger zone
Potassium Channel Opener for Hair Growth
Antidote for both BDZ and non-BDZ
Medium-Acting BDZ
Anti-depressant most selective for NE
Alpha-2 blocker causing vasodilation and lowers BP
Short-acting glucocorticoid with 0.8/0.8 AIE/MCE
LOX Inhibitor
1st gen. H1 Blocker
Endogenous glucocorticoid
Potassium Channel Blocking Sulfonyl-Urea Hypoglycemic
Atypical antipsychotic, D2 antagonist with no EPS effects but can cause agranulocytosis, hypersalivation, seizures, tons of bad things
Long-acting glucocorticoid with 0/5 AIE/MCE
Ryanodine Receptor Blocker
Alpha-glucosidase Inhibitors used for diabetes treatment
PPAR-gamma agonist that increases insulin sensitivity
Phenothiazine (TCA-like drug) and D2 blocker used to treat drug-induced nausea
Diabetes treatment that blocks SGLT2
Anti-cholinergic drug used for motion sickness
NMDA Antagonist & Anesthetic, known for military use
Endogenous Kappa-Receptor Agonist
MAO-B Inhibitor to treat Parkinson's
Pure Mu agonist
Ergotamine derivative and dopamine agonist that can cause fibrosis
Endogenous NDMA Antagonist
Phospholipase A2 Inhibitor
Class 1B Drug
Class 1C Drug
Anti-depressant & 'Clean' TCA without sedative effects
'Natural' MAO-A Inhibitor and inducer of CYP3A4
NMDA Antagonist and Sodium Channel Blocking Anti-Epileptic
Short-Acting BDZ
T-Type Calcium Channel Blocker (Anti-Seizure)
Potassium Channel Blocking Anti-Arrhythmic
Long-acting glucocorticoid with 35/0 AIE/MCE used to test for Cushing's
Butyrophenone strongly selective in D2 antagonism, with less TCA effects but strong pseudo-Parkinson
Mu agonist and Kappa-agonist, mixes with acetominophen to make percocet
Biguanide Type 2 Diabetes drug that decreases endogenous glucose production
Parkinson's drug that prevents decarboxylation of levodopa
Drugs to treat pseudo-Parkinson's via anti-cholinergics
Na/K+ ATPase Blocker
5-HT4 agonist and 5-HT3 antagonist and cholinesterase inhibitor used to treat gastroparesis
Class 1A Drug
Triglyceride-lowering PPAR-alpha agonist
Fast acting Mu agonist 10 Mo
ROSA Insulin
NSAID: Acetyl salicylic acid
Mu agonist and NMDA antagonist with long half-life
LT Receptor blockers
Atypical neuroleptic that is anti-D2, 5-HT2 antagonist and does not show TCA-effects in low doses only
NMDA Antagonist and Opiod receptor Agonist
Non-ergotamine derivative to treat Parkinson's, no fibrosis, no vasospasm
Dopamine agonist and anti-viral used to treat Parkinson's or pseudoparkinson's
Non-Anti-Inflammatory COX Inhibitor
Anti-depressant most selective for serotonin
Long-acting glucocorticoid with 30/0 AIE/MCE
2nd most selective SSRI with no TCA effects
Mu agonist, Alpha-2 antagonist and NaSRI
Indirect GABA Agonists
Anti-cholinergic that can give you bradycardia at low doses and antidote to organophosphate poisoning
Typical neuroleptic and H1 blocker known as 'coast guard cocktail'
3rd gen. H1 blocker
NSAID: Acetic Acid
Potassium Channel Opener for Vasodilation
Mu opioid receptor antagonist and kappa receptor agonist
L-Type Ca+ Channel Blocker with Cardiac Selectivity
Strongest Mu agonist
Long-Acting Insulin
Ultrafast-acting Mu agonist broken down in seconds
Phenothiazine used in depot-injections
Long-Acting BDZ
Neuronal Ca Channel Blocker,
Intermediate-Acting Insulin
NMDA Antagonist and GABA agonist Anti-Epileptic
GABA-B agonist
L-Type Ca+ Channel Blocker with Vasculature Selectivity
Non-sulfonyl-urea insulin release drugs with binding site at K-channel
2nd gen. H1 blocker
GABA agonist Hynotic (Killed Michael Jackson)
5-HT2 antagonist and alpha-1 Blocker to treat Raynaud's
Anti-inflammatory selective for COX II
Bicyclic SSRI that inhibits 2D6 but is also metabolized by 2D6
5-HT1B/D Anti-Migrane
Mu opioid antagonist to treat OD
5-HT2A antagonist and partial 5-HT1A agonist to treat psychosis
Mu agonist 6 times stronger than codeine, becomes hydromorphone after CYP2D6 metabolism
Beta-blocker with potassium blocking effects
Mu agonist with a neurotoxic metabolite, no pinpoint pupils
NMDA Antagonist/AMPA antagonist/Carbonic anhydrase inhibitor/'Stupimax' Anti-Epileptic
Sodium Channel Blocking Anti-Epileptic
H2 blocker
NSAID: Enolic acid
Anti-depressant and tertiary amines inhibiting serotonin & NE fairly evenly
5-HT2 antagonist and D2 receptor antagonist causing cataracts and hypothyroidism
Parkinson treatment drug that carried pre-dopamine across BBB
Treatment for acetaminophen overdose
5-HT2 antagonist and D2 antagonist antipsychotic that does NOT cause agranulocytosis
Monocyclic SSRI that inhibits CYPs
5-HT3 antagonist used once at the start of chemo, anti-emetic
5-HT1A Agonist Anxiolytic
Endogenous Mu Opioid Agonist
NSAID: propionic acid, does not cause Reye's syndrome
Glucocorticoid with 1/1 AIE/MCE
Anti-psychotic and pure 5-HT2 antagonist, also an NeSRI with some QT prolongation, not a TCA
NSAID: Enolic oxicam
Exogenous NMDA Antagonist Anti-Arrhythmic
Preferred alternative to verapamil in treatment of paroxysmal supraventicular tachycardia
DPP-4 Inhibitors
MAO-A Inhibitor & anti-depressant
Endogenous Delta Receptor agonist
Sodium and Potassium Blocking Anti-Epileptic
Medium-acting glucocorticoid

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