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America's basic policy to fight communism:
Rose in prices because of decreased importation in the 1970s:
Talks to reduce nuclear arms developement:
Relaxation of tensions between U.S. and USSR:
Communist Cuban leader that took over in 1959:
1962 Crisis that nearly caused a nuclear war:
Leader of Communist Chinese forces in the 1950s:
Leader of Communist North Korea:
Area where military forces are banned:
Soldiers who use hit-and-run tactics:
Massive surge by N. Vietnam on the Vietnamese New Year in 1968:
First Satellite in orbit by USSR:
Barrier between communism and capitalism that also kept communist industrial workers from fleeing:
U.S. President that helped end the Cold War:
Theory that states if one country falls to communism in Southeast Asia, they all would fall:
Fear of Communism in the U.S. in the 1950s and 60s:
Korea divided into North and South at the ____ parallel:
Terrorist dictator under the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia:
U.S. Senator who led 'witch' hunts on communists during the Red Scare:
Leader of the Soviet Union that helped break up the Soviet Union by urging for glasnost and perestroika:

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