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QuestionCharacter (E, P, K or L)Answer
Whose Olympic dream was almost shattered when she broke her back?
Who's mother has an affair with Marty?
Who pretends their mother is a relief worker to hide her family secret?
Which girl moved to Boulder from Minnesota?
Who is the only girl not to make it to the Olympic trials?
Who kissed Sasha Belov during an after hours training session?
Who was discovered by Marty at the Fresno Y?
Who runs away to gymnastics camp when they find out their boyfriend cheated on them?
Who suffers from Anorexia?
Who has a sister who also trains at the Rock?
QuestionCharacter (E, P, K or L)Answer
Who's father proposes to Summer twice?
Who wrote songs with Damon?
Which girl becomes the face of a nutrition bar?
Who was the first girl to kiss Carter?
Who discovers they have an irregular hearbeat, putting their chances of making the Olympics in peril?
Who is the first girl to befriend Kelly Parker?
Which girl works with Razor at the Pizza Shack?
Who is arrested when they resort to desperate measures to get their brother's medication?
Who wins the all-round gold medal at Nationals?
Who kisses Nicky Russo at the hotel in California?

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