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Can you name the Modern Boys Names Derived from Norman French?

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DerivationNameUS Census Rank 2010
1. Moustached
2. Elf friend; noble friend
3. Genuine courage
4. Elf ruler, supernaturally powerful
5. Variant on #2
6. Nobly famous
7. Bold friend, brave friend
8. Brave as a bear
9. Bright raven, wise person
10. Beuze's settlement
11. Breton
12. Strength, power, force
13. Derived from a Norman French baronial name
14. Little bald one
15. Hunter
16. Short nose; domain of Curtius; domain of the short one
17. From Arcy
18. From Airelle
19. My God is Yahweh
DerivationNameUS Census Rank 2010
20. Fruitful
21. Little Eve
22. Strong as a boar
23. Variant on #22
24. Strawberry
25. God's peace
26. Spear ruler
27. Spear strong
28. Spear servant
29. God's peace
30. Wide; wood, forest
31. Battle worthy
32. Derived from #28
33. From the island
34. Bad settlement
35. Gomeric's hill; hill of the powerful one
36. Dead sea
37. Northman, Norseman
38. Elf warrior; olive tree
DerivationNameUS Census Rank 2010
39. Pierced valley
40. Pierced hedge
41. Pincino's town
42. Fifth
43. Wise and strong; famous
44. Mighty and brave
45. Well-advised ruler
46. Powerful ruler
47. Bright famous one; famously famous
48. Famous warrior; famous
49. Famous landowner
50. Wide island, wide meadow
51. Clear pool, clear well
52. Ruler of the people
53. Place of Thracius
54. From La Varenne
55. Will, desire; helmet
56. Yew

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