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Forced Order
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1) The one that works for Ralph Lauren
2) The one obsessed with cleaning
3) The one with three nipples
4) The one who was divorced three times
5) The one who mugged number 4
6) The one who with the tagline 'how you doin?'
7) The orthodontist who went on his honeymoon with the maid of honour
8) The one named after the hospital caretaker
9) The manager of Central Perk
10)The agent of number 6
11) The eye doctor with a twinky in the city
12) The Italian boyfriend
13) The identical twin of one of the main characters
14) The half brother who likes to melt things
15) The one who says 'oh my god' in a really annoying voice
16) The one who didn't know she was having twins
17) The boyfriend who had a drinking problem but was no fun without it
18) The one number 4 sleeps with when he is on a break
19) The gay ex-wife
20) Number 1s senior prom date
21) The student who dates her professor (number 4)
22) The one who changes his name to Crap Bag

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