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City which is the home of the famous Sourtoe Cocktail
Number of Canadians to win the Nobel Prize
Largest freshwater island in the world
Two Canadians in the original Star Trek
Province which produces 60% of Canadian Beef, has a dinosaur named after it, and has a town called 'Vulcan'
Canadian man who invented basketball
Nickname of the one dollar coin
Nickname of the two dollar coin
Manmade stone landmark traditionally used by Inuit people
Goalie of both the Vancouver Canucks and the gold-medal-winning Team Canada 2010
Birthplace of Greenpeace and host of Expo '86
Name of the giant moose in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Cocktail invented by Walter Chell at the Owl's Nest Bar in Calgary
Above cocktail ingredient #1
Above cocktail ingredient #2
Above cocktail ingredient #3
Above cocktail ingredient #4
Canadian star of Back to the Future
Year women got the right to vote
Year First Nations citizens got the right to vote
Food product spelled by the initials of Canada's first Prime Minister
Prime Minister who was known to use ouija boards and talk to his dead mother
Another word for sofa or couch
Nessy's cousin in Lake Okanagan
Canada's word for 'Bigfoot'
First European explorer to arrive in Canada
Year of the most recent Quebec separatist referendum
Sitcom set in Dog River, Saskatchewan
First Nations word the name 'Canada' is derived from
Northernmost permanent settlement in the world
Origin of Winnie-the-Pooh's name
Province where Anne of Green Gables is from
Longest street in the world
Poutine ingredient #1
Poutine ingredient #2
Poutine ingredient #3

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