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Can you name the 50 M Cities (population 100,000+) closest to New York City using the great-circle distance measurement?

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USA 331 km/205 mi
Canada 534 km/332 mi
Canada 561 km/349 mi
Canada 565 km/351 mi
USA1179 km/733 mi
USA1209 km/751 mi
USA1301 km/808 mi
USA1437 km/893 mi
USA1536 km/954 mi
USA1637 km/1017 mi
USA1685 km/1047 mi
USA1740 km/1081 mi
USA1742 km/1083 mi
USA1760 km/1094 mi
Cuba2133 km/1325 mi
USA2172 km/1350 mi
USA2193 km/1363 mi
Jamaica2504 km/1556 mi
Mexico2646 km/1644 mi
USA2683 km/1667 mi
Mexico2726 km/1694 mi
USA2754 km/1711 mi
Mexico2946 km/1831 mi
Mexico2948 km/1832 mi
Mexico3033 km/1884 mi
Mexico3204 km/1991 mi
Nicaragua3266 km/2029 mi
Colombia3270 km/2032 mi
Nicaragua3305 km/2054 mi
Guatemala3319 km/2062 mi
Colombia3323 km/2065 mi
El Salvador3348 km/2080 mi
Venezuela3357 km/2086 mi
Mexico3363 km/2090 mi
Nicaragua3399 km/2112 mi
Nicaragua3412 km/2120 mi
USA3429 km/2130 mi
Venezuela3442 km/2139 mi
Venezuela3450 km/2144 mi
Mexico3481 km/2163 mi
Colombia3563 km/2214 mi
Venezuela3586 km/2228 mi
Mexico3593 km/2233 mi
Venezuela3608 km/2242 mi
Mexico3754 km/2333 mi
Mexico3772 km/2344 mi
Colombia3842 km/2387 mi
USA3860 km/2398 mi
USA3876 km/2409 mi
Colombia3971 km/2467 mi

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