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'A' Country
'A' Elements
'B' U.S. State Capitals
'B' Asian Country
'C' Bible Book
'C' Santa's Reindeer
'D' Oscar Best Picture Winner
'D' Chinese Zodiac Signs
'E' 3-Letter Body Parts
'E' NASA Space Shuttles (Functional)
'F' U.S. States
'F' U.S. President
'G' World Capitals
'G' NBA Team Name
'H' Shakespearean Play
'H' Disney Movie Characters
'I' Oceans
'I' European Countries
'J' NFL Teams
'J' Pope Names
'K' US Colleges and Universities
'K' African or Oceanic Country
'L' Seven Deadly Sins
'L' Olympic Sports
'M' Tony Award Winning Musicals
'M' Emmy Winning Television Shows
'N' Planets
'N' 4 New US States Alphabetically (name all; no punctuation between)
'O' Modern Birthstones
'O' Months of the Year
'P' Countries of North or South America
'P' Crayola Crayon Colors
'Q' Punctuation Mark
'R' Top 100 Most Popular Girls Name of 2010
'R' Top 100 Most Popular Boys Name of 2010
'S' North American Country
'S' US Holidays
'T' Constellations
'T' Zodiac Signs
'U' Prepositions
'U' Disney Movie
'V' Country
'V' Orchestral Instrument
'W' Cardinal Direction
'W' Taylor Swift Songs

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