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England's hat trick hero in the 1966 World Cup; Also refers to a pass mark in British universities, in Cockney rhyming slang.
A man who takes free-kicks as if they were from the penalty spot
Ex British soccer player notorious for playing defence by grabbing his opponent's balls, turned actor who emulates said actions in most of his movies
Once pretty special Brazilian soccer star, most goals in world cup history.. blah blah now a fat loser who can go sit on the sidelines scoffing cakes
The best defender in history. He played for AC Milan all of his life and played the most minutes in the World Cup
Non-flying Dutchman. Iceman. Bruce Rioch's sole stroke of genius.
Absolute phenom currently playing as a winger for Tottenham Hotspur: made a fool out of Inter Milan
A Uruguayan football player who used his hands to stop a goal in the World Cup quarterfinals. A hero to some, villain to others, still top quality regardless of ethics
Former Arsenal goalkeeper. Only worth noting in this dictionary because of his surname
Owning hair and/or Facial hair that frankly looks b****ck poor
6'3' and 15 st of muscle, England striker (now retired from internationals), yet can't win a header and always falls over when short-arse full-backs go near him
Ex-Newcastle United striker responsible for scoring the most goals in the premier league and also getting Newcastle relegated in 2009. (Ironic, no?)
Man. Utd legend, known for his lavish and extravagant lifestyle and playboy like status
With Zinedine Zidane, the best French football player ever
A Spanish footballer known for his quite absurd passing skills and adeptness at keeping possession
Rhyming slang for a cheeky person; Pundit notorious for his cheeky off pitch remarks and observations
He and he alone won the World Cup for Argentina
Legendary Portuguese winger; An object which you desire to hit(Preferrably with pig heads or whiskey bottles filled with urine)
The best of the best of the best
Manchester City player known for always trying to injure other players. Uses a tactic of looking like the innocent guy that wouldn't do anything dirty
A world-class centre midfielder from Barcelona. Keeps the team together. Probably the best player in the world
A tall and amazing striker, with a big nose
Ruled the premiership between 1992-1996 with his brilliant play, touch, passing, finishing etc. Scored the winning goal in the 1996 fa cup final
A sub-par, a mediocre soccer player from Bulgaria. Skills include scoring pre-made goals, a knack for scoring from an offside position
One of the greatest Man. Utd players... his finest hour was undoubtedly scoring an amazing winner against Arsenal in an FA Cup semi-final
(verb) To celebrate a goal in the style of a silver haired Italian, by lifting up the front of your shirt and putting it over your head, and proceeding to run around
Another bitchy player that get's angry and kinda emo every time he get subbed. Gets pissed at everyone. Plays for the very rich team in Manchester
One of the best soccer players in the world in the 1980s. The White Pele.
Kaiser; Greatest fussball-player and coach ever.
It was widely said that he went down too quickly under tackles and dived a lot. After learning of this he used his goal celebrations in the same manner
A one man Scandanavian shagging machine, also the (former) England manager

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