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This team has 27 championshipsBaseball
This team has a logo with an alligator on itFootball
What team had 31 wins in a row on their court?Basketball
The shortest and tallest players for the NBA were on what team?Basketball
The United States men's national soccer team was founded inSoccer
This team won the most championshipsBasketball
Peyton Manning plays for this teamFootball
This team is from MiamiBasketball
They are in PhiladelphiaBaseball
The magical team in WashingtonBasketball
This team has Kobe BryantBasketball
The Lakers were founded in what year?Basketball
What team won the most Super Bowls?Football
These teams both were in the super bowl in 2014Football
Which team did Lebron James leave from to come to the Celtics?Basketball

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