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What is Peter's last name?
Which color shirt does Peter wear?
What are the colors of Chris's hat?
Who used to live across the street from the Griffin's?
What is Joe Swanson's profession
What instrument does Lois teach?
Who lives in Chris's closet?
What is Lois's maiden name?
What is the name of Peter's dad that raised him?
Where does Peter go to drink with his friends?
Where does Stewie first encounter Bertram his eventual half brother?
Which NBA player did Peter Griffin refer to himself while playing basketball with Chris?
When the Griffin's fled to Texas, what did Stewie use for hair as a girl disguise?
What is the name of Herbert's dog with the broken back legs?
What item did Mayor West give Quagmire to defend himself from Cleveland?
Where did Joe Swanson and his family move from?
What did Mr. Weed call or name the 'object' from the statue that fell through his window at his home?
What is Meg Griffin allergic to?
Who is the foreign guy at work that taught Peter about sarcasm?
What is the name of the red striped shirt Pianist of the duo that frequently appears on the show?
What was the name of the first person to die in James Woods' house?
What is the name of Brian's therapist that he goes to see to talk about his urine problems?

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