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Are your legs alway that shorts?
Dear Mammy, I went into the wood to find a killer
We all make mistakes, remember,I'm still paying for yours
two can keep a secret if one of them is dead
Fool me once shame on you, fool my best friend and you’re dead freakin meat
Those guys have a way of adding 2 & 2 & coming up with 5
They were licking each other’s gelato
He stuck his hands in her panty draw!
What was she gonna do, sniff Ali’s old Sweat socks?
There’s nothing simple about lying
Now I’m the little girl who cried Ian
I love you. And nothing you just said to me changes that
Welcome home, honey
. Bikes to Die For Babes to Fight For!
Big Brother’s always watching
She tossed I turned
Did ya have a nasty dream last night about Shaggy?
Wanna share a towel too?
I’m fascinated by the nature of evil
It’s not SeaWorld.
All Em, All the time!
Knowing the right questions is better than knowing all the right answers.
I’m free
To talk to a hot English teacher press3!
I will Destroy Her
Strung out Power Puff Girl
What is this camp Tamarak?
Don’t you guys have practice or did you lose your balls?
Allison Lied more than she breathed
Busy being freaked out every time I see him
Most of me thinks this is really hot
I’m not who you thinnk I am

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