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Forced Order
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In which year did Louis become a vampire?
Who was his creator?
What was the name of the Maid?
Where is Lestat from?
What is the language of the plantation workers?
What disease killed Claudia's mother?
How old is she when turned?
What must vampires not drink?
What did Claudia give to the twin boys?
Where did Louis and Claudia put Lestat's body?
Who said this?: 'I had a mother once, and Louis, he had a wife. He was mortal, the same as she, and so was I!'
Who was it said to?
Was Lestat given a choice?
Was Claudia given a choice?
Was Louis given a choice?
Was the interviewer (Daniel Malloy) given a choice?
Where is the Théâtre des Vampires?
What is Louis' surname?
What is Lestats' surname?
How did Lestat describe his days?

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