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Can you name the Half of Each Fictional Couple?

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One HalfOther HalfHint
SupermanAmerican comic books
Juliet CapuletRenaissance literature
Kermit the FrogAmerican TV puppet show
Leia OrganaFilm series
Sir LancelotMedieval legend
Buffy SummersAmerican teen TV show
Ross GellarAmerican sitcom
Hermione GrangerBritish book and movie series
Rick BlaineAmerican classic film
Pam BeeslyAmerican version of British sitcom
Homer SimpsonAmerican cartoon TV show
Maid MarianMedieval legend
AragornBritish book and movie series
One HalfOther HalfHint
Carrie BradshawAmerican TV series
Rhett ButlerAmerican novel and classic film
Claire HuxtableAmerican sitcom
The MidnighterAmerican comic books
Laura SpenserAmerican soap opera
Ricky RicardoAmerican classic sitcom
Elizabeth BennetBritish classic novel
Alvy SingerAmerican 70's romantic comedy film
Minnie MouseAmerican classic cartoons
Gaius BaltarAmerican sci-fi
Carmela SopranoAmerican crime TV series
Jack TwistAmerican western romance film
MariaAmerican musical and film

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