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Forced Order
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The Flight Number?
Which had this Doctor on Board?
Who's Half-Sister is?
Who fell in love with?
Who's best friend is?
Who discovered this person wasn't on the manifest?
Because he was an?
Led by?
Who locks this female in a cage?
Who's parents were killed by whos dad?
Who discovered the hatch, alongside?
Who secretly loves?
Who actually loves?
Who gets kidnapped by?
Who's looking for her daughter...
Who's boyfriend is?
Who warns Jack the others are coming to kidnap the...
Including which Korean?
Who's husband is?
Who attacks which islander for a watch?
Who's son is?
Who gets kidnapped by?
Who pretends to shoot Sayid, Jin and...
Who's wife is...
Who gets cured of?
Because of the power of the...
Which she crashed on because of flight?

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