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Forced Order
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The 9 Jackass cast: (J)
And.. (B)
And.. (R)
And.. (D)
And.. (C)
And.. (S)
And.. (W)
And.. (P)
Finally.. (E)
Who did the first poo cocktail?
Who is the director of Jackass?
Who is the pro skater?
Who branded Bam Margera's ass in Jackass 2?
Name the rest of the skit: FIRE HOSE
medicine ball
Who said this 'dude you were hauling so much ass' ?
who puked up a fish in order to earn his spot on jackass?
At the start of every episode/movie can you name the exact words that are read by Johnny knoxville?
who dresses up as Irving Zisman?
who slides down the lube covered ramp as the bowling ball into the jackass boys dressed as skittles?
who is terrified of snakes?
in Jackass The movie, in the opening sequence what are they boys riding in?
who closes Jackass 3D with the last stunt?
who flying double kicks Bam in the head in 3.5?
what is chris pontius most known as dressing up as?
what is the safe word that is shouted if someone is in pain?
what is wee man's real name?
what is johnny knoxville's real name?

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