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Qoutefill in the gapwho said it?
Yeah what the _____ haired guy saidZayn
we got the _____ room in the houseHarry
liam is the _____onelouis
harry is the _____louis
zayn is _____louis
niall is the ______ onelouis
louis is the _______harry
i like girls who eat ________louis
my favourite song has definately got to be ______ ____zayn
our song this week is under this ___niall
im a ____louis
mine would probably be ____harry
SHES ____!louis
im quite handy with the ______harry
i can play the _________zayn
as everyone knows or _______ knowszayn
what would i bath in? _______ _____liam
i'd like to make a shout out, _____ __!louis
AAAH THE _______!louis
i just, i, i'd ____louis
i'd be _________liam
yes, you already are _______zayn + harry
if i could have any super power it would probably be to stay ______ _________zayn
we're gonna keep it ____ with a question from kate steellouis
Qoutefill in the gapwho said it?
the strangest dream ive had was when i was about 6 and ____ ___ __ ____ ___harry
when i was 8 i had a dream that a giant _____ ______was chasing me aroundzayn
i used to go to school but i used to forget to put my _____ on louis
to the untrained eye this might look like a giant ____ ____louis
'the next question is from shannonlovesonedirection..' '______ name'niall then louis
for one day i'd be harry cause i'd like to have ______ ____louis
i'd like to be niall for the day. because he finds everything absolutley ________liam
i'd like to be louis for the day because hes ___________zayn
like the mushroom... _____louis
Vaz __________zayn
will you ______ melouis
simple but __________harry
no! ________ protestedlouis
my favourites ________ cause we're irishniall
and my favourite (band) would probably be _____ ________louis
i'd be a ____________ ____liam
i think i'd just be a ______louis
i'd be michael mcintrye because hes really ______liam
i'd be david beckham because hes _____zayn
i'd be michael bubble because hes _ ______niall
i'd be susan boyle because shes a good ______louis
i've got ______ or salt, which one do you want?louis
cause im _____ and everyone remembers meniall
thank you simon for the __________louis
Qoutefill in the gapwho said it?
you cant make mistakes pouring salt into a ___louis
i think you've got abit of a _________ problem mate zayn
____ ___ ___________ pleaseliam
the boys have told me i need to be abit more ______ in the diarieslouis
and hes a _____ (x3)all of the boys
rawr ___________ is here!louis
today we got a box of ___________ with our faces on themniall
a girl tried to slip here iphone into harrys pocket outside _______liam
i also have an interest in women who like ____________louis
i would marry ______ ___zayn
i would marry ______ __________harry
i would marry ______ _____niall
i would marry _____ _______liam
i would marry _____ _________louis
and as for you stop having ______ hairlouis
peak not _____louis
i drank too much ______ _______zayn
i broke a _____ in half louis
my goldfish is _____louis
thank you very much, from _________ ___louis
this is a _________louis
hes talking sh*t, im the _____ _____niall

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