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How well do you know Minecraft blocks and mobs?

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A. Dropped from trees. Edible.
B. Crafted from Books and Planks.
C. A Baby Zombie riding a Chicken.
D. Found from levels 5 to 12.
E. A Creeper struck by lightning.
F. Catch them in water. Can't be seen.
G. SkyDoesMinecraft calls it Budder.
H. Worn on your head.
I. When broken turns into water.
J. Can play Music Disks.
K. What you do on Survival servers.
L. The only useless ore.
M. The developers of this game.
N. The portal is created with Obsidian.
O. Spawn in Jungles. AKA Cats.
P. Created with 3 Sugar Cane.
Q. Book and _____
R. Used for Minecraft Mechanics.
S. Dropped from trees. Not edible.
T. Describes Endermen.
U. Where do Squids spawn?
V. Grow on Jungle trees. Climbable.
W. A mob that throws splash potions.
sorry x is impossible type 'pickle'
Y. Dye made from Dandilions.
Z. Most well known Minecraft mob.

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