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Chandler accidentally sees Rachel's breasts, which results in a chain reaction of peeking at people while naked.
Monica's identity is stolen, Ross has to get rid of Marcel
Joey can't have sex, Rachel receives a very expensive present from Ross
Monica has to take Ross to the hospital, leaving Chandler and Joey in charge of Ross's son
Ross gives Carol away at her wedding, Phoebe is possessed by an 82 year old woman
Phoebe records 'Smelly Cat,' Chandler gets a creepy new roommate
Rachel fulfills Ross' galactic fantasy, Monica is depressed about her break-up with Richard
No one is prepared to attend Ross' speech at the museum
Ugly Naked Guy might be dead, so the friends try to reach him
Chandler is stranded in Rachel's boss' office, Monica loses a fake fingernail in the food she prepared
Chandler is sentenced to a 5-year silent treatment, Monica has to deal with her ex-boyfriend, Richard's, son
Phoebe is doing a huge favor for her half-brother and his wife, Ross creates a game in order to see who wins Monica and Rachel's apartment
Chandler has to make excuses for him kissing Monica, Rachel comes back from Ross and Emily's honeymoon
Ross gets put on sabbatical, Phoebe and Rachel take a literature class
Monica and Chandler's secret affair is discovered by everyone, Ross tries to get Ugly Naked Guy's apartment
Joey gets hernia, Phoebe's psychic predicts she'll die in a week
Joey pretends to own an expensive car, Phoebe, Moncia, and Chandler babysit the triplets
Ross whitens his teeth, Joey's roommate makes his apartment too girly
The night of Chandler and Monica's engagement, Rachel and Ross kiss
Monica needs to choose a maid of honor, Joey and Ross nap together
Monica bakes for her building, Ross tries to teach Phoebe to ride a bike, Rachel and Tag try to hide their relationship in the office
The father of Rachel's baby left behind a red sweater, Chandler and Ross lose the wedding photos
Phoebe's sister is getting married, Chandler wears a bunny costume, Ross is Spudnik
Monica is convinced her new maid is stealing her clothes, Phoebe kisses her sister's ex-fiance
Emma laughs for the first time because of what her parents sing to her
Chandler spends Christmas with former Miss Oklahoma, and later quits his job
Monica sings in front of a spotlight, but little does she know her shirt is see-through. Joey gets his eyebrows waxed
Joey and Phoebe set Rachel and Ross up on purposely terrible dates
Ross and Rachel think Emma said her first word, everyone buys lotto tickets

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