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who plays dean winchester?
who plays sam winchester?
who plays bobby?
who plays crowley?
who does sam kill in heart?
what is the name of the boy dean saves from being drowned by a ghost?
what color was the bike that was buried after a boy was drowned?
what type of monster takes shape of another human?
what was gabriel?
what did dean and sam burn that ultimately killed the hookman
who called dean for help in the episode route 666?
what were the benders?
what was the group of ghost hunters in hell house?
what was the profession of the shtriga(vampiric witch)?
what is the demons name that possesses john winchester?
who broke the first seal?
who broke the last seal?
who or what was the last seal?
who is the angel that befriends the winchesters?
what angel wanted dean to say yes to micheal that dean kills?
who is lucifers true vessel?
who is micheals true vessel?
who becomes micheals vessel instead?
who becomes a father figure to the boys?
who kills him?
who becomes the boys mother figure?
who does dean kiss right before her death?
who does sam and dean find out is their brother?
who dies in sams life that started him hunting?
wo dies that makes john winchester start hunting?

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