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This structure controls body temp, hunger, thirst, fatigue, and sleep. The main homeostatic control center of the brain.
These help to regulate waste in the brain stem, connect through the cerebral aqueduct
The integrative center for emotion and motivation.
Connects the cerebral cortex with other brain areas. Associated with voluntary movements, procedural learning, and cognition.
Controls respiration rate, swallowing, and sleep.
This structure relays sensory information to the cerebral cortex, and may play a role in Pusher Syndrome
Coordinates voluntary movement, including posture, balance, coordination, and speech. Responsible for smooth coordination.
Structures in the brain that hold CSF, cushion the brain, circulate nutrients, and remove waste.
Responsible for auditory and visual reflexes. Involved also in preliminary visual processing and eye movements, and responds to stimuli faster than the cortex.
Associated mainly with long term memory.
Responsible for regulation of heart rate and blood pressure
Secretes melatonin via the pineal gland and regulates circadian rhythm.

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