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Forced Order
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what is Dans sisters name?
what is the name of the show?
who is the voice of gossip girl?
who is gossip girl?
This gril dated- Nate, Dan, Carter, Tripp, Ben, Steven, Gabriel, Aaron, Colin
Who married Chuck Bass?
What college did Nate go to?
Who worked in an art gallery?
How did Bart bass die?
Who is blair Waldorfs bff?
In season 4 what was the name of Blairs cat?
What is Serena's nail color in season 4 episode 3?
What is blairs mothers name?
What actor plays Serena's real father?
who causes chuck and Blairs car accident?
What is Blairs favorite snack?
What is the name of Blairs maid?
Who is Blairs first boyfriend?
What is the name of Chucks hotel
What type of camp does georgina go to?

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