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Can you name the Songs by Pink! from The Album Funhouse?

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Forced Order
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First Line;Track Name
'I'm Drinking Wine And Thinking Of Places On the Other Side Of This'
'I Dance Around This Empty House, Tear Us Down, Throw You Out'
'I Don't Wanna Be The Girl Who Laughs The Loudest'
'Alright Sir, Sure I'll Have Another One It's Early'
'I Guess I Just Lost My Husband, I Don't Know Where He Went'
'I Conjure Up The Thought Of Being Gone'
'I Hear A Name, I Hear The Trash You're Talking'
First Line;Track Name
'Tasty, It's Like A Cupcake'
'I Don't Mind It, I Don't Mind At All'
'I Don't Know If I Can Yell Any Louder, How Many Times Have I Kicked You Outta Here?'
'You Used To Hold The Door For Me, Now You Can't Wait To Leave'
'Am I Sweating, Or Are These Tears On My Face'
'Motorcycles In The Parking Lot, Revving Their Engines And It Just Won't Stop'
'Have You Fed A Lover With Just Your Hand'

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