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HintAnswerPLL Characters
Lesley FeraSpencers mom
Chuck HittingerWho kissed hanna first
Diego BonetaChef at tennis club
Tyler BlackburnHes a hacker
Ian HardingDating his student
Brendan RobinsonHannas friend
Holly Marie CombsMom of Aria and Mike
Luke KleintankDated hanna
Nicholas GonzalezDetective in season 7
Jim AbeleAlisons dad
Huw Collins
Chad LoweCheated on his wife
Dre DavisFound dead in a radley hotel bathroom
Roark CritchlowHannas dad
Amanda SchullHad an affair with one of the liars dad
Nolan NorthSpencers dad
Larissa OleynikEzra's ex from school
Vanessa RayA
Lucy HaleHad a relationship with her teacher
Andrea ParkerAli's mom
Brandon W JonesOwned an apple farm
Sasha PieterseAssumed dead
Laura LeightonHanna's mom
Lindsay ShawSwimmer
HintAnswerPLL Characters
Drew Van AckerAlison ans spencers Brother
Ryan GuzmanDated aria
Eric SteinbergEmilys dad
Sean FarisDetective who kisss alison
Nia PeeplesEmilys mom
Julian MorrisKissed spencer
Bianca LawsonGirl who moved into the dilaurentis house
Torrey DeVittoSpencers half sister
Troian BellisarioKissed her sisters boyfriend
Janel ParishHanna's friend
Huw CollinsAlso known as Elliott
Ryan MerrimanMarried melissa and kissed spencer
Edward KerrPastor who dated Ashley
Bryce JohnsonDetective who was killed
Shane CoffeyHas a heart condition
Natalie FloydHannas stepsister
Cody ChristianDated mona
Keegan AllenSpencers Boyfriend
Paloma GuzmanEx fiance of ezra
Ashley Benson Nicknamed Hefty
Roma MaffiaFemale detective
Brant DaughertyOwns a cabin
Shay MitchellLikes to swim

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