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Who is the Savior?
Who is the Savior's son?
In 'The Return' Rumplestiltskin said he only broke one deal in his life. To whom did he make this deal?
To whom did Regina give the Dark Curse?
Who was responsible for rescuing Prince Charming from the queens dungeon?
Who was the first fairy tale character seen?
In Episode 1 Henry finds Emma in hope she will take him back home to Maine. What is the name of the town Henry lives in?
Name the actress who plays Emma Swan?
What kind of apples does regina grow?
Emma is celebrating her birthday with a cupcake when henry knocks the door. What age is Emma turning?
Rumplestiltskin made Prince Charming a deal: he'd return Prince Charmings ring if the prince would hide an egg in the belly of the beast. Who was this beast ?
Who interupted the wedding of Snow white and Prince Charming?
Name of the actress who plays Snow White
Name of the actor who plays Prince Charming
Where does Neal live in the real world
Name of Hooks Ship
Hooks real name
The evil queen alias in the real world
I will always ...
The Dark one
Who shot belle
What did Emma and Hook climb
What is the name of Regina's first love who gets killed because Snow White couldnt keep a secret
What forrest are all the characters from
How old was Emma when she had Henry
Who is Rumplestiltskin's father
What is the Black Fairys name in the real world
What color is the jewel on the top of Pandora's Box?
When Emma and Hook fell through Zelenas time portal, what is the name of the woman they bought back with them

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