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Can you name the cities situated at these main interstate crossing?

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InterstatesCityState/Extra Interstate
I-90; I-93; I-95I-95 acts as a partial loop MA
I-71; I-74; I-75OH
I-15; I-90MT
I-75; I-94; I-96I-275 and I-696 are loops MI
I-20; I-30; I-35WI-820 is a loop TX
I-75; I-95I-195, I-395 are spur interstates FL
I-15; I-40CA
I-16; I-75GA
I-10; I-65AL
I-5; I-84I-205 and I-405 are loops OR
I-35; I-80I-235 is a spur interstate IA
I-27; I-40TX
I-81; I-90I-481 is a loop NY
I-20; I-75; I-85I-285 is a loop GA
I-20; I-22; I-59; I-65I-459 is a loop, AL
I-70; I-83; I-95I-695 is a loop MD
I-29; I-80I-480 and I-680 are loops, NE; Metropolitan Area, junction is not in City proper (IA)
I-29; I-35; I-49; I-70I-435 is a loop KS/MO
I-77; I-85I-485 is a loop NC
I-4; I-95FL
I-78; I-80; I-87; I-95I-495, I-695, I-287, I-895, I-278 are main interstates in this city
I-64; I-95I-295 is a loop VA
I-25; I-80WY
I-71; I-77; I-80; I-90I-277 is a partial loop OH
I-25; I-70; I-76I-225 and E-470 are loops CO
InterstatesCityState/Extra Interstate
I-15; I-86ID
I-90; I-91I-291 is a loop MA
I-87; I-90I-787 is a spur NY
I-10; I-95I-295 is a loop around city FL
I-5; I-10I-405; I-605; I-110; I-710 are main interstate highways in this city
I-64; I-75KY
I-55; I-57; I-80; I-88; I-90; I-94I-355 is a loop; I-294 as well IL
I-70; I-71I-270 is a loop OH
I-10; I-19AZ
I-89; I-93NH
I-10; I-16I-516 is a spur interstate GA
I-26; I-40NC; I-240 is a loop
I-64; I-77; I-79WV
I-91; I-95CT
I-10; I-49LA
I-66; I-95I-495 is a loop VA/MD
I-24; I-40; I-65TN
I-65; I-85AL
I-64; I-65; I-71KY
I-5; I-8; I-15I-805 is a loop; CA
I-20; I-26; I-77I-126 is a spur SC
I-10; I-45; I-69I-610 is a loop TX
I-10; I-17AZ
I-20; I-49I-220 is a loop TX
I-15; I-80I-215 is a three-quarter loop UT
InterstatesCityState/Extra Interstate
I-35; I-40; I-44I-235 is a spur OK
I-10; I-12I-110 is a spur interstate LA
I-10; I-35; I-37I-410 is a loop TX
I-40; I-55I-240 is a loop; TN
I-25; I-40NM
I-44; I-55; I-64; I-70I-270 is a loop MO
I-29; I-94ND
I-15; I-84UT
I-84; I-91CT
I-40; I-75TN
I-29; I-90I-229 is a loop; SD
I-20; I-30; I-35E; I-45I-635 is a loop TX
I-74; I-80; I-88IL/IA; I-280 is a loop
I-65; I-69; I-70; I-74I-465 is a loop IN
I-43; I-94WI
I-20; I-55MS
I-35; I-94I-35 changes in I-35W and I-35E; I-494 is a loop
I-76; I-95I-676 is a loop PA
I-4; I-75I-275 spur interstate FL
I-30; I-40AR
I-70; I-76; I-79I-379 is a spur PA
I-5; I-90I-405 is a loop; WA
I-69; I-75MI
I-79; I-90PA
I-5; I-80CA

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