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Can you name the Losing U.S. Vice Presidents?

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PresidentsVice PresidentsPolitical Party
John Adams (1800 Election)Federalist
Charles Cosworth PinckneyFederalist
Dewitt ClintonFederalist
Rufus KingFederalist
Andrew Jackson (1824 Election)Democratic-Republican
John Quincy Adams (1828 Election)National Republican
Henry Clay (1832 Election)National Republican
William Henry Harrison (1836 Election)Whig
Henry Clay (1844 Election)Whig
Lewis CassDemorcrat
Winfield ScottWhig
John C. FremontRepublican
John C. BreckinridgeDemocrat
George McClellanDemocrat
Horatio SeymourDemocrat
Horace GreeleyDemocrat
Samuel J. TildenDemocrat
Winfield Scott HancockDemocrat
James G. BlaineRepublican
Grover Cleveland (1888 Election)Democrat
Benjamin Harrison (1892 Election)Republican
William Jennings Bryan (1896 Election)Democrat
William Jennings Bryan (1900 Election)Democrat
Alton B. ParkerDemocrat
William Jennings Bryan (1908 Election)Democrat
William Howard Taft (1912 Election)Republican
PresidentsVice PresidentsPolitical Party
Charles Evans HighesRepublican
James M. CoxDemocrat
John W. DavisDemocrat
Alfred Emanuel SmithDemocrat
Herbert Hoover (1932 Election)Republican
Alfred LandonRepublican
Wendell WillkieRepublican
Thomas E. Dewey (1944 Election)Republican
Thomas E. Dewey (1948 Election)Republican
Adlai E. Stevenson II (1952 Election)Democrat
Adlai E. Stevenson II (1956 Election)Democrat
Richard Milhous Nixon (1960 Election)Republican
Barry GoldwaterRepublican
Hubert Horatio Humphrey, JrDemocrat
George McGovernDemocrat
Gerald Rudolph Ford (1976 Election)Republican
James Earl Carter, Jr (1980 Election)Democrat
Walter Frederick MondaleDemocrat
Michael DukakisDemocrat
George Herbert Walker Bush (1992 Election)Republican
Bob DoleRepublican
Albert Arnold Gore, Jr.Democrat
John KerryDemocrat
John McCain Republican
Mitt Romney Republican

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