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materials and assets used to produce goods and services
inexhaustible resources on a human time scale, i.e. sun/wind/wave energy
resources that are renewed naturally and exhausted short-term, i.e. soil/flora/fauna
finite resources, i.e. metal ores/fossil fuels/nuclear fuels
stewardship of natural resources in order to achieve ecological sustainability, economic viability, and social acceptance
tools used to capture
how gear is used
type of gear that fish come to, low effort, cheaper, less damage, bait impacts trophic structure
type of gear that chases fish, high effort, expensive, damages habitat and trophic structure
a discrete group of individuals sharing the same gene pool, self-perpetuating, little connection with adjacent groups
subpopulations of a species, spatial and temporal, a portion of the population useful to fisheries
changes in the number of individuals or population parameters over time, goal is to ensure sustainable yields over time
number of individuals in one area compared to another OR number of individuals in the same area at different times
number of individuals in the entire population (impossible to calculate)
rapid maturity and growth, high fecundity, many offspring, small size, high mortality, short lived
slow maturity and growth, low fecundity, few offspring, large size, low mortality, long lived
number of fish of the same age group entering the exploitable phase of a stock
mortality of early life stages affects recruitment
features you measure
features you count
largest average catch that can be taken from a stock over an indefinite period under constant environmental conditions (never actually happens)
biomass of a stock that will support MSY = stock size at maximum growth rate
theory that Caribbean spiny lobster are connected on a regional (not local) scale due to extended larval range/stage (6-10 mos)
stock with no boundaries to interbreeding, one large population, difficult to determine distinct stock units, i.e. Caribbean spiny lobster
commission that divided Caribbean spiny lobster stock into 4 regions
species whose presence in an area is not due to human influence
species whose presence in an area is due to human behavior

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