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southern stingray
spotted eagle ray
nurse shark
blue tang (yellow juveniles)
doctorfish (bright blue scalpel on grey fish)
ocean surgeonfish (scalpel on green fish)
horse-eye jack (big eyes, yellow caudal fin)
bar jack (dark and light stripe on dorsal side)
bluestriped grunt (blue on yellow fish, yellow fins)
Caesar grunt (yellow on blue fish, blue fins)
French grunt (blue on bright yellow fish)
white grunt (pale blue and yellow stripes)
grey snapper (all grey)
mahogany snapper (grey with red fin tips)
schoolmaster snapper (grey with yellow fin tips)
yellowtail snapper (blue fish, yellow tail and stripe)
banded butterflyfish (black and white vertical stripes)
hogfish (pig nose)
bluehead wrasse
yellowhead wrasse
Spanish hogfish (yellow with pink back)
squirrelfish (red with big eye)
blackbar soldierfish (black bar behind operculum, red fish)
orangespotted filefish (brown fish, organge stripes)
whitespotted filefish (yellow fish, white spots)
spotted goatfish
yellow goatfish
rock beauty (black body, yellow head and caudal)
queen angelfish (gold and blue shimmer)
grey angelfish (weird grey)
French angelfish (black w yellow scales)
sergeant major (five black bars)
yellowtail damselfish
blue chromis (little blue, forked tail)
green moray
spotted moray
queen triggerfish
black durgon
queen parrotfish (Tim face)
stoplight parrotfish (looks like Rainbow Fish)
redband parrotfish
striped parrotfish
graysby (red spots all over)
red hind (red spots all over except fins)
coney (red)
Nassau grouper
green turtle
hawksbill turtle

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