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saucer leaf algae
y-shaped algae
scroll algae
Christmas tree worm
feather duster worm
flamingo tongue
long-spined sea urchin
slate-pencil urchin (red)
golden crinoid
Caribbean spiny lobster (with antennae)
Spanish lobster/slippery lobster (no antennae)
branching fire coral
blade fire coral
sea fans
sea plumes
grooved-blade sea whip
slit-pore sea rods
lettuce corals
staghorn coral (like antlers)
elkhorn coral (like flat antlers)
boulder star coral (small circular corallites)
great star coral (large circular corallites)
elliptical star coral (corallites like mitochondria)
golf ball coral
smooth flower coral
large-grooved brain coral (deepest grooves)
symmetrical brain coral (shallow grooves)
grooved brain coral (labyrinth-like grooves)
maze coral (zipper-like grooves)
rose coral
pillar coral (like shag carpet)
mustard hill coral (yellow and found everywhere)
massive starlet coral (looks pencil-poked and out of sediment)
lesser starlet coral (looks pencil-poked and buried in sediment)
yellow pencil coral
white encrusting zoanthid

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