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QUIZ: Can you name the facts of full house that only a fanatic would know....?

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What is the Tanners' Address?
Just the Street and House Number 
What game did Kimmy, DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle play that ended up getting them locked out of Wild Thing?
Wild Thing! You make my heart sing! 
What day did Jesse and Becky get married?
If every word I said could make you laugh I'd talk forever  
Which one of DJ's boyfriends is the voice of 'Max' from the 'Goofy Movie'?
I'm rich! 
Which one of DJ's boyfriends is the voice of 'Aladdin'?
What is Steve's last name in the first episode he was in?
This one was pretty hard. 
What is Joey's name when he hosts the game show, the Perfect Couple?
What fish did Steve say DJ kisses like in the game show, the Perfect Couple?
Who taught Joey how to do his Popeye impression?
Well blow me down! 
What is Joey's ex-girlfriend Patty's last name?
Mexican hat Dance... 
What is the name of the denture cream that Jesse and Joey made an advertisment for?
Jesse did an ad and so did Joey but Joey got the job. 
What is Jesse and his highschool sweetheart, Carrie's, song?
Muskrat Suzie. Muskrat Sam. 
What song did Danny want to perform for DJ to make her think that he is cool?
The Who! 
Who did Stephanie and Michelle think DJ was dating when she was secretly dating Viper?
What is the name of the island Danny was trying to sail to on their vacation to Hawaii?
That's a potato chip crumb... 
What was Danny's nickname when he tryed out for Jesse's band?
What Disney hotel did the Tanners stay at on their vacation to Disney World in season 6?
What is the name of the cereal being advertised of the commercial that DJ auditioned for but Stephanie got the part?
Stephanie takes heaping spoonful! 
What did Danny name his new car he got for his 30th birthday after his car 'Bullet' was destroyed?
Baby you can drive my car... 
What did Stephanie name the tail of DJ's horse, Rocket?
Which part? The tail.  
What was Michelle's horse's name in the season finale?
The rented! 

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