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Scarlett O'Hara's first name (Scarlett was her middle name)
Stuart Tarleton's twin brother
The name of the Wilkes' plantation
Scarlett's often-used expression meaning 'nonsense'
Ellen O'Hara's ancestry
What Gerald O'Hara declared was the only thing in the world that lasts
Ashley's sister with a 'geographical' name
What Mammy insisted Scarlett do before attending the Wilkes' barbecue
Where Rhett Butler was when Scarlett confessed her love to Ashley at the barbecue.
Scarlett's first husband
Working as this for the Confederacy, Captain Butler brought in goods such as silks, tea, and sugar
The Hamilton relative with whom Melanie and Scarlett stayed in Atlanta
The color of Belle Watling's hair
The amount Rhett bid for Scarlett at the charity dance in Atlanta
The type of dance Rhett and Scarlett danced after his bid was accepted
The items Melanie and Scarlett contributed to the Confederate cause while attending the charity dance
Prissy suggested they follow what superstition to minimize the pain of childbirth for Melanie
The weapon Scarlett used to kill a Yankee deserter who trespassed at Tara
The sum of money Scarlett needed to pay the taxes on Tara
When Scarlett visited Rhett at the jail, the green velvet dress she wore was made from what?
While conversing in the jail, Rhett realized Scarlett was misrepresenting her lifestyle at Tara when he saw what?
The O'Hara sister who was engaged (first) to Frank Kennedy
The type of business Scarlett purchased in Atlanta and which Ashley operated
The city where Rhett and Scarlett honeymooned
The gift Rhett gave Mammy when he and Scarlett returned from their honeymoon
Bonnie's real first name
What Scarlett gargled with to disguise the fact that she had been drinking brandy
What Mrs. Merriweather recommended Rhett use instead of soap to stop Bonnie from sucking her thumb
What Bonnie was afraid of
Rhett's destination at the end of the story, it was also the city where he grew up

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