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King Philip's WarEnded pequot resistance in New England
French & Indian WarEnded salutary neglect
American RevolutionTreaty of Paris
Tripolitan WarThe one with the pirater (Jefferson)
War of 1812(duh)
Mexican WarTreaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
Civil WarSurrender of South, Lincoln Assassination, Emancipation, 13-15 Amendment, Reconstruction
Indian WarsFinal defeat of Indians, Dawes Act
Spanish American War'Splendid Little War,' Cluba, Platt Amendment, Philippines, Imperialsim
WWI (start)
WWI (when America enters)Treaty of Versailles, Women's suffrage (19th Am.) Prohibition (18th Am) Russian Revolution, 1st Red Scare
WWIIAmerican dominance and prosperity, Cold War and nuclear age, Marshall Plan, Truman Doctrine
Korean WarSouth Korea kept non-Communist
Vietnam WarCommunists take Vietnam, Tet Offensive, end of American dominance, recession and inflation

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