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Can you name the Human Muscles using their location and the action they perform?

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Muscle LocationMuscleActions
AbsPulls the chest downwards and compresses the abdominal cavity
AbsPostoral Muscle, Flexor of lumbar spine.
AbsResponsible for the protraction of the scapula.
ArmsFlexor of wrist.
ArmsExtends and Adducts wrist.
ArmsFlexor of elbow. Does not contribute to pronation or supination.
ArmsPronates forearm. Flexes elbow.
ArmsFlexes elbow, Supinates forearm,
ArmsExtends forearm. Adducts shoulder.
BackRotator and adductor of the humerus.
BackLaterally rotates the head of the humerus.
BackExternal rotator of the glenohumeral joint and adductor of the arm
BackHolds the scapula onto the ribcage. Retracts and Rotates the scapula.
BackRotation, retraction, elevation, and depression of scapula
BackAdducts, extends and internally rotates the arm
BackBundle of muscles that extends the vertebral column.
BackAbduction of the hip. Prevents adduction of the hip.
BackExternal rotation and extension of the hip joint.
ChestOne head flexes humerus. Other head extends humerus.
ChestStabilizes the scapula by drawing it inferiorly and anteriorly against the thoracic wall.
NeckTilts head to its own side and rotates it so the face is turned towards the opposite side.
NeckDepresses Hyoid.
Muscle LocationMuscleActions
NeckDepresses the larynx and hyoid bone. Also carries hyoid bone backward and to the side.
ShouldersShoulder abduction, flexion and extension.
ThighsFlexion of knee and leg.
ThighsFlexion, adduction, and medial rotation of thigh.
ThighsAdduction and flexion of thigh.
ThighsFlexes and adducts hip and knee.
ThighsThigh flexion, medial rotation and abduction. Trunk stabilization.
ThighsExtends leg.
ThighsKnee extension. Hip flexion.
ThighsExtends and stabilizes knee.
CalvesPlantarflexion of foot. Flexes knee.
CalvesPlantarflexion of foot.
CalvesDorsiflexion and inversion of the foot.
CalvesPlantarflexion and eversion of foot.
CalvesExtension of toes and ankle.
CalvesPlantarflexion and eversion of foot.
CalvesFlexes all joints of the big toe. Plantar flexion of the ankle joint.
HamstringsFlexes knee joint. Laterally rotates knee joint. Extends hip joint.
HamstringsAdduction of hip
HamstringsFlexion of knee. Extension of hip joint.
HamstringsHip extension, Knee flexion.

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