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I have never worn pantyhose but __ ______ ____ _________. Joe
I'm late for a meeting with _____ ___ ________! Queen Clarisse Renaldi
Is your mom dating an __________? Lilly Moscovitz
WAIT UP YOU GUYS! WAIT FOR ME! Not you, _ ____ ____ ____ ___!Lilly Moscovitz
You know you look like _____? Lilly Moscovitz
Please don't crush my ___ ____.Mia Thermopolis
This morning when I woke up, I was Mia Thermopolis. But now, I choose to be, forevermore, ______ __________ ___________ _______, princess of Genovia.Mia Thermopolis
Tell me, how does my mother, or any person for that matter, go into a parent/teacher conference and come out with a ____?Mia Thermopolis
Goodbye, _______ peopleQueen Clarisse Renaldi
Somebody ___ __ __ _____. Mia Thermopolis
Remember, _______ ________ may not be submitted for actual credit.Student on PA
I am invisible, and _ __ ___.Mia Thermopolis
I love your eyebrows! We'll call them _____ ___ _____. Paolo
If Brooke Shields married Groucho Marx, _____ _____ _____ ____ ____ ________! Paolo
That __________ ___ clone you've had a crush on for years?Helen Thermopolis
The Queen is coming - to _____ ____ ______.Vice Principal Gupta
I don't want to rule my own country, I just want to ____ ___ _____ _____. Mia Thermopolis
Strange town, San Francisco. When I purchased the pumps, they asked if I wanted them wrapped or if I was _____ __ ____ ____Joe
I am a freak, but one day I’ll grow out of that. But you, you will never stop _____ _ ____!Mia Thermopolis
And you look so... _____Mia Thermopolis

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