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What is the temperature to which a parcel of air would need to be cooled to reach saturation?
What do hygrometers measure?
Hygrometer consisting of two thermometers mounted side by side
Process in which the surrounding air infiltrates a vertically moving column of air
Altitude at which a parcel reaches saturation and cloud formation begins
Occurs when elevated terrains, such as mountains, act as barriers to the flow of air
Result of warm and cold air colliding
When warm, less dense air if forced over cooler denser air
When a pile up of horizontal air flow results in upward movement
When unequal surface heating causes localized pockets of air to rise because of their buoyancy
Process that produces delicate patterns of ice crystals
Rate of adiabatic cooling or warming in unsaturated air
Rate of adiabatic temperature change in saturated air
Result of warm, dry air descending on the leeward side of a mountain causing a lower chance of precipitation
An imagined volume of air enclosed in a thin elastic cover

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