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Can you name the different physics terms?

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D = (1/2)(Vrms)(Dmfp)
(Work done)/(Heat In)
Processes at contant temperature
The solute concentration of the environment is too low and water flows into the cell.
Degrees of freedom in a diatomic gas with only translational and rotational energy
The form of heat transfer which occurs through direct contact
If the coefficient of thermal expansion alpha is 8, what is the coefficient of volume expansion?
Processes at constant pressure
The movement of heat.
The pressure generated by solute material that cannot cross a membrane
Processes at constant volume
The process of warming incoming, cold, deoxygenated blood with outgoing blood
The amount of oxygen you can GET depends on what?
The amount of oxygen you NEED depends on what?
The solute concentration of the environment is too high and water flows out of the cell.
In a density vs. position graph, we can expect the flow rate J to be greatest at the point with the steepest ________.
The circulatory system in the human body is an example of forced ___________.
An estimate of the distance between collisions of particles.

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