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Nig**z know, Taylor Gang, Sunshine or Snow, Them ho*s running their best clothes, And I prolly fuc**d your bi*** nig**, Real Sh*tFrom Kush and Orange Juice
Empty bottles of Clicquot and ashes on the flo'. Towel under the do', we wasn't supposed to even smoke. I ain't trippin, never slip or slackin on my pimpin.From Kush and Orange Juice
Started from nothing, ended up with everything. From the house, to the whips, taking trips to any place that you care to name. Champagne, skydivin'From Kush and Orange Juice
Know what you're f***in with? A young star, baby! Ever met a **** like me? (Nope!) Not at all, baby. A coach player,I could show you how to ball, baby.From Deal or No Deal
I'm... Screaming f**k them nig**s who hated, I'm money affiliated, Speculated me landing, musta got me mistaken with lame nig**s. Know you gon get high as f**k as long as the planeFrom Deal or No Deal
Got so many tats. you can't even count 'em up, In the shop ery'week, I can't seem to get enough. My aunt said my skin too clean to mark it upFrom Star Power
And she dug my chain. Love my swag, how I does my thang. Love my slang, talk just like me, Say she proud to be taylor gang (taylor gang?) Man I'm paidFrom Flight School
Most girls wanna hide the fact that the thrill they chase it, But you, just wanna get drunk tonight and f**k someone famous. So I just name a time and a place and your game for itFrom Burn After Rolling
Wanna know if I can get you home, Hope we don't wake the neighbours. She lick her lollipop, And I'm her favorite flavor (yeaahh)
to rock camo shorts, chuck tee and smoke papers, weed comin' in all flavors, fall up in the spot as long as the champagnes there, couple pretty hoes I don't know their name here
Life's good, so I'm feeling great call me out of town shawty every week a different state. Three cell phones, pennslyvania plates. Hold up, hold up, hold up I said,
My ni**as leanin', diddy boppin' Let's get it poppin', I said let's get it poppin' Just look at how she drop it, lil mama a certified pro She need her own show, slide on down that
So what I keep ‘em rolled up? Saggin’ my pants, not caring what I show Keep it real with my ni**as Keep it player for these hoes
Som Say Dat Im Next 2 Be Da Greatest (Jealous), And Jealousy Com Wit Secuss U Cant Escape It (Why) Dem Dirty A** Ni**as Who Stress U Wen U Cakin (Uh Huh)
Last night I let the party get the best of me. Waking up in the morning: two hoes laying next to me. Plus I heard an officer arrested me. Good weed and cold drinks: that’s the moRolling Papers
The World turning, the weed burning, Them haters talking, I keep earning. Know some will say that life's a bi**h, Well I'ma keep flirtinRolling Papers
Got money white people turn neighbors. Meet a girl teach her how to roll papers, six months three whips so player. run my town like the mayor I run my town bitch I'm like the mayorRolling Papers
And they say all I rap about is bi*ches and champagne, You would too if every night you seen the same thing Money wall to wall, young famous ni**a, spend it all, when you die you cRolling Papers
Its your anniversary isn't it, And your man ain't acting right. So you packin’ your Domiar luggage up callin’ my cell phone, try and catch a flight.Rolling Papers
Say the trees couldn't get better. Need this sort of weather. Sand beneath your toes, your drinks come with umbrellas. Cutting off our phones, ignoring important texts and email meSingle - Didn't make cut for Rolling Papers
Every time I speak I see a hundred grand. Rollin' so much weed it's like the motherland. ain't talkin' English, I'm talkin' rubber bands. Jacksons, Franklins, either one of themTaylor Allderdice
Highly faded but I'm highly paid, I just live my life. That s**t you ni**as trying to do, I guarantee I did it twice. They say life's a gamble, hit my joint and roll the diceTaylor Allderdice
What my swag is, retarded. What I’m driving, Ferrari. What I’m rocking, Armani, Gianni Versace, huhONIFC
I done stay on top of my game, Gang controlling my lane. Paid so much for my frames, put these lil **** to shame. Ordered so many of them bottles, so many of them bottles you wouONIFC
Diamonds all on my ring ni**a. Gold watches, gold chain ni**a. Hundred thou' on champagne ni**a. Yeah my money insane ni**a.ONIFC
Ballin’s not a hobby, its my occupation. hoes on my d*ck, thats my confirmation. couple stars with me, thats a constelation. Jacksons, Grants, Benjys, thats my conversation.
I could be your bartender, tell me what you’re sippin’ on. girl, I’m not a travel agent so what you trippin’ on. you say I think I could make it happen cause I’m famous. Jamie Foxx ft. Wiz Khalifa
Spent a couple dollars on my engine, motor roaring when I back out the garage. Gin got me drunk as f**k stumbling out the bar.Plus I'm struggling tryna find the keys to my car

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