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what town does the show take place in?
who plays lydia martin?
who said 'theres a body. It's Erica' while in an ice bath
who works at the ice rink?
where do the calaveras live?
who was the benefactor?
who is the only character never on the deadpool?
what country did allison live in between seasons 2 and 3?
what did scott lose the night he was bitten in the woods?
'nobel doesn't have a prize for mathematics. The ___________ is the one I'll be winning'
who opened the rift for stiles in season 6?
what posesses stiles in season 3b?
who controlled the kanima?
who is the leader of the alpha pack?
what was jennifer blake?
which means?
what is marin morrell's occupation?
the subject that malia hates is?
what subject does ken yukimura teach?
how many episodes are in season 1?

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