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Forced Order
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Who gives the introduction
Who likes 'livin' chancey'
Who told the Delancey brothers that 'That's not good to do that, not healthy'
'So that's what you call a family, mother, daughter, father, son.' What song is this
Who is glum and dumb
Who spins on the fan at the end of 'King of New York'
What newspaper does Joseph Pulitzer publish
Who said 'You got to be Am-bastards'
Who makes Boots a little nervous
Who runs into the side of the building during the opening song, 'Carryin' the Banner'
Who wants Havana cigars that cost a quarter
Who runs the newsie boarding house
Where did the newsies hold their rally
What is the name of the paper created by the newsies to raise the awareness of child labor in the city
What is the name of the judge presiding over the newsies' hearing after the rally

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