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Forced Order
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Who plays Don Knotts?
How many times does Don Knotts claim 'nobody will?'
Who is killed first?
What was he looking for right before he was killed?
How is he killed?
Who is the little boy seen snapping in the background as Trey heads to his trailer?
How does Trey die?
Who is the third person to die?
What building was he pushed off from?
What is one suggestion given by the crazy guy on how they should handle the killer?
What does Dee Caspary (Snitch) say to Michael Goorjian (Skittery)?
During Michael Goorjian's little speech who is killed first?
Who is killed second?
Who is killed third?
Who is killed fourth?
What SNL reference is made?
How far away is L.A. from the Old Road?
How many times does Don Knotts try to kill Michael?
Who plays fire marshall Brett?
Who's in the carriage when the bomb explodes?
Who is the anchorwoman?
Who was the sole survivor?
What is the name of the mental institution?
What word is mispelled during the credits?
How many times is the F-word used?

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