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What is Nathan's power?
What does Alicia call Kelly in her thoughts?
Whenever Kelly is around, what does Nathan often think about?
What is the name of Nathan's brother?
How many times does Curtis go back in time to save Sam?
What is the name of Nathan's mom's boyfriend?
How old is Simon's sister?
What was the name of the girl that Kelly punched?
How many hours of community service do they have to do?
Who is the guy in the mask?
What is the name of the second probation worker?
How does Nathan die the first time?
What is wrong with Bruno?
What is Finn thinking when Nathan is holding him?
What is Nikki's power?
Who buys Alicia's power?
What does Nathan get done in for?
How many probation workers do they technically kill?
Where does Nathan live?
Was Kelly ever engaged?
How much does Kelly, Curtis and Nikki get for their powers?
What does Simon pull out of his pocket when he is watching invisibly inside the locker room?
What is another aspect of Nathan's power?
What is in the boot of Nathan's brother's car?
What makes Nathan fall in love with Simon?

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