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Can you name the obscure Harry Potter characters?

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Significance in BooksCharacter Name
Met Harry in Leaky Cauldron, Order member
Met Harry in Leaky Cauldron, returned for several handshakes
Order member, one of the first to die in HBP
Order member, escorted Dursleys to safety in DH
Brother-in-law of Bellatrix (a Lestrange)
Former headmistress with portrait in St. Mungo's
Healer-in-Charge of the Dai Llewellyn ward at St. Mungo's
Trainee Healer, attempts to stitch up Arthur Weasley
Healer-in-Charge who attends to Gilderoy Lockhart
Editor of the Daily Prophet
Owner of Honeydukes
Significance in BooksCharacter Name
Grandfather of Draco
Burke, of Borgin and Burke's
Caretaker at the orphanage of Tom Riddle
Apparition instructor
Elderly head of the Wizarding Examinations Authority
Father of Severus
Mother of Sirius
Huge, blonde Death Eater
Mother of Fleur
Impersonated by Harry upon the trio's infiltration of the Ministry
Disguise of Ron Weasley upon the trio's infiltration of Gringott's

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